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Topics of the conference

The goal of the European Radiation Protection Week is to bring together views from the wide community of radiation protection; for this year's edition, topics are related to exposure situations and general contents rather than to platform-oriented themes. We emphasize that all topics are open to abstracts from the community, even more those that explore cross-cutting or "new" fields of science, such as Social Sciences and Humanities, Computational Sciences, and Artificial Intelligence.

This list is not exhaustive; abstracts on other cross-cutting issues and/or methodologies to be brought to the attention of the radiation protection scientific community are welcome and encouraged.

List of topics

1. Patients exposure regarding medical applications 


2. Planned and existing exposure of  members of the  public and environment due to artificial radiation

3. Planned and existing exposure of workers due to artificial radiation in normal operational conditions 

4. Exposure of members of the public and the environment with regard to legacy, waste management and decommissioning issues 

5. Exposure of members of the public, workers and the environment following a major nuclear or radiological accident or incident or malevolent nuclear or radiological act 

6. Biological and health effects after low dose exposure 

7. Radon and NORM 

8. Other 

Instruction for editing the abstracts

  • All abstracts must be submitted in English.

  • The abstract should not exceed one single page and it should contain a title (possibly concise) followed by the full names of the authors and their affiliations.

  • It is recommended not to insert figures footnotes, references, equations, or tabular data.

  • Please, use the template to edit the abstract file. The template is compliant with the editing instructions provided by the publisher.

  • Rename the file as Surname_Name.docx or doc.

Submit your abstract by filling out the form. 

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